Valley is a five-piece collective based in Halle, Belgium. Their sound is an organic mix between soothing post-rock arrangements and energetic hardcore parts.

This is a band you must see live. They manage to create an intense vibe combined with a strong stage presence. These shoegazers know how to convince a wide variety of crowds, wether you listen to metal, post-rock or hardcore.

Two years after the first EP, their debut album ‘Dark Tears // Bright Smiles’ (2017) got released by Redfield Records and put out on vinyl by Flood Records. The unique sound and a hard working attitude got them on the road playing a bunch of shows with bands such as Being As An Ocean, EF, Brutus, Sights & Sounds and Acres. A collaboration with Apathy bookings resulted in several international tours in eight European countries so far.

Valley’s latest album ‘Delusion of the Defeatist’ got released in 2021. It describes a musical narrative of a person balancing on a thin line between fiction and reality. The role of fluctuations in perception can be found in the lyrics, music and artwork.



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